Our team offers you design skills for any aspect of a home or a business, from the conceptual plan to detailed drawing and specification. When required we consult with experts on specific aspects such as lighting, roofing and such.


Our team provides full Engineering support for all the renovation and / or new construction aspects , such as structural, electrical, plumbing acoustics and more. When necessary we also provide all calculations and drawings as per building code. In case a permit is required our team can provide the entire documentation as per Municipalities requirements, as well as conducting the permit process..

Project management

Our management is involved in all stages of the process: from the preliminary estimate to detailed scheduling and pricing. We keep a tight supervision on all the work done, as well as costs and changes that might occur along the way.


Floor planning: Floor layout, traffic and flow in use of any space, furniture layout, storage and efficiency.
Kitchen & Bath: Floor plan, function, style and material choice, from overall understanding to detailed design.
Colour: Flow of choices that answer personal preferences
Accessories: Use of textures, pattern and elements that make a space inspiring.

Landscape design

General plan: Layout accommodating the purpose of a space.
Hard landscape: Patios, paths, stairs, walls, gazebos, pools.
Irrigation: Fully automated irrigation systems to provide easy maintenance.
Illumination: Detailed design and style choices
Soft landscape: Plant planning with consideration to the medium of  time and growth.